Why Do People Feel Compelled to Get Pets?

Why do people feel compelled to get pets? Is it for affection? Or, protection? Or, even just for a devoted friend? These all are good questions and the answer is all of the above. Let me explain.

Why do people feel compelled to get pets? Pets give us a sense of taking care of something. Animals that we have today are mostly dogs, cats, birds and fish.

Let’s start with the most loyal and caring. The good ol’ dog. Is there any other animal on the face of this earth that is more loyal and loves as unconditionally as a dog? I’m going to go out on a limb and say “NO”. Dogs are pretty much where it all started. The companionship of the ordinary dog is unsurpassed. When you get home from work, who’s right there at the door waiting for you wagging their tail and jumping around like child at play. A dog makes us feel like we’re not alone. As well as any other pet but, a dog sleeps with you, sits on the couch with you, watches tv with you and maybe even laugh with you. In its own way, of course. We talk to them like a baby because we know that without us, they could never survive on there own or get the love and attention that we give them. Therefore, we love and take care of them and keep them from harm.

Now, the cat. A lot of people don’t like cats. Whether it be allergies or the fact that they shed. Whatever the case may be, they’re not quite as popular as the dog but, still offer the same companionship and love. When it comes to cleanliness and affection, a cat will do just fine. A cat can be very independent and can make it on its own very nicely. But, why would we want to do that and give up that companionship? That’s just it, we wouldn’t. They say there is nothing like the calming sound of a cat purring which, I completely agree. Lying on the couch with a cat laying on your chest purring is a very calming and wonderful way to wind down at the end of your day. Cats are a natural stress reliever. If you don’t get one that attacks you out of the blue. Which they will do, we all know that. Cats are their own person and pretty much do what they want to do until it comes time for dinner. But, we still love cats for the companionship and love.

All other animals are for the same reasons. Just like the cat, fish can be very calming and soothing watching them swim around with their beautiful colors and wide variety. Who doesn’t love to watch fish swimming and enjoy feeding them. Whether it be in a tank or in a fish pond. People have Beta fish on there desks at work, why? Yes, they are stress relievers and just swim around in their bowl. We all have different reasons for wanting different animals but, the truth is, we mostly do it for companionship and a feeling of not being alone.

Why do people feel so compelled to get pets? Now I think we have a better understanding of why. That’s why we buy them beds, toys, special collars and leashes because we care for them and it makes us feel good about ourselves and our pets. We treat them like our own children because we love them almost or just as much. We all know that animals don’t live as long as we would like but, why rob yourself of that love and companionship in the years that they are alive. We believe in animals and how they make our lives just that much happier when we’ve had a bad day. We love our animals and always will.

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