The 2 Best Automatic Greyhound Handicapping Systems

Do you believe that it’s possible to win at the dog track without handicapping? Can a software program do it, maybe? Or how about something you could put onto a Blackberry or maybe even do with your cell phone. Hey, people are doing all kinds of things on their cell phones these days.

Perhaps, there’s even a greyhound handicapping system that only takes a pen and piece of paper and a calculator. You go over the program, write down a few numbers you get from a chart that comes with the system and – bam! The system tells you the winner, you bet it and then cash your ticket.

I don’t really know of any system that can do that. If you do, please drop me an email and tell me how to get it. However, I have seen several people use handicapping systems to win at the dog track, with almost no effort on their part.

One system I know of picks winners that are usually longshots. The people who use it don’t play every race. They wait for certain situations that their system tells them mean that a dog has a good chance of winning. Then they play the dog to win, and if there are two dogs with the same factors in the race, they play a quiniela. Three dogs – they play a trifecta. More than that, they don’t play the race.

The other winning system I’ve seen work well is a Trifecta system and a little more complicated, but since it picks Trifectas, it pays off big sometimes. I use both these systems and have managed to stay on the positive side of winning at the dog track for decades with them. The thing is, systems do work, but you have to have the patience to learn how to use them. A lot of people just aren’t willing to wait for anything. They want instant success with no effort or learning curve. Life just doesn’t work that way.

And then, of course, once you’ve mastered the system, you have to be patient enough to sit out the races where it doesn’t pick a winner. I can do that now, but years ago, I couldn’t. So, back then, these two systems would have been wasted on me.

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